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Strategies for using Humor to Create Transformational Leaders and Dynamic Customer Engagement | taught by William Hale, M.Ed.

Course description

This course will show you how using humor will help turn you into the transformational leader you've always wanted to be.  This course will also show you how incorporating humor into your customer's experience can improve customer engagement, sales, and retention, as well as develop a culture of employee engagement and promote an overall positive and enjoyabe corporate culture. This course is a refreshing, unique, fully codified and substantiated approach to building long lasting employee and customer relationships by implementing humor strategies both in the office and online. This course will address:

- Leading with Laughter

- Benefits of Humor at Work

- L.A.F.T.E.R. Model of Leadership

- Why Great Customer Engagement Matters Now More Than Ever

- Why Humor Works with Customers

- Humor Strategies You Can Use with Customers Today

- Selling with Humor Online

Course Outcomes: The goal of this course is for the sales person to be able to:

- Develop a closer's mindset using humor throughout the sales process

- Maintain a positive, fun attitude while engaging with the customer

- Communicate more effectively with the customer

- Build trust faster with the customer

- Overcome objections better

- Achieve sales goals easier

- Turn customers into fans

William Hale, M.Ed.
William Hale, M.Ed.
CEO/Cheerman of the Bored

With his Master's Degree in Education, and his experience owning multiple businesses, being a Certified Laughter Therapist, being a licensed coach and trainer with Team USA Basketball, and performing live in front of thousands as a comedian and speaker, former television and radio host, William Hale, is now delivering his messages of business growth, customer engagement, sales strategy, brand loyalty, and workforce cohesion, in the form of this online educational training course.

William's keynotes, workshops, and courses are applicable to companies in any industry and will leave you with actionable humor strategies you can implement immediately in your own workplace. William's proven approach can be summed up in his philosophy for life called, L.A.U.G.H.

L - Learn something new every day

A - Apply what you learn positively

U - Utilize your knowledge to help others

G - Grow yourself and help others to grow


William is a member of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor, the National Speakers Association, the National Association of Sales Professionals, and the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.

Course Curriculum

Humor and Transformational Leadership
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Customer Engagement, Sales, and Humor
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Importance of Customer Engagement
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Using Humor with Customers
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Being Funny with Customers
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